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Sep 1 scholarship deadline - Nicholas Green

The Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award
This award program is designed to recognize distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts, in children grades 3 through 6. One child per state can be named a Nicholas Green Distinguished Student and that winner receives a $500 U.S. savings bond and an NAGC Certificate of Excellence. 
Deadline for applications is Sept. 1. 
Selection Procedure | Application

Sep. 1 scholarship deadline - Carol Morreale

Announcing the …
Carol Morreale Student Scholarship Award

Application for the Carol Morreale Student Scholarship Award
The Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC) is pleased to announce the Carol Morreale Student Scholarship Award.  The Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC) is delighted to participate and facilitate this endeavor for students in our state.

This award is funded by memorial donations made in Carol Morreale’s name.  It is designed to recognize excellence in children.  The Award will include a one-time check in the amount of  $1000. The selected student will be chosen from grades 1 through 8 and have demonstrated excellence in language arts and/or mathematics.  In addition, financial need will be a consideration.  We look forward to seeing that Carol’s legacy benefits children who demonstrate excellence.

IAGC has developed the following procedure for selection.  Applications will be accepted for students who have demonstrated excellence in language arts and/or mathematics.

  1. Self-nominations as well as nominations from parents, teachers, students and community and civic groups will be accepted.  The applicant must demonstrate high ability in language arts and/or mathematics.  Included test results and/or observations that demonstrate strength in these areas. 
  2.  At least two letters of recommendation are required with one from an individual with professional qualifications (teacher, counselor, and/or psychologist, etc.). 
  3. Students must be between grades 1 and 8 at the time of selection and include a sample of their work.
  4. Student applicants must submit a composition about why they feel they qualify and why they want the scholarship. Include information on how the scholarship be used. 
Deadline for applications is September 1.

 Download the application here.

June 25 Family Conference

Family Conference - Northwestern University Center for Talent Development
Saturday, June 25 2011
Here is news from our colleagues at Northwestern University Center for Talent Development:
Center for Talent Development
Annual Family Conference: June 25, 2011, featuring keynote presenter Jim Delisle
Each summer, Center for Talent Development hosts an enriching and informative afternoon event designed to guide gifted students and their families in making wise educational decisions. Parents hear from professors, psychologists, school administrators and businesspeople on diverse topics ranging from gifted children’s needs to saving for college. Students in PreK through grade 3 enjoy an afternoon of games and activities, while students in grades 4 through 12 attend mini-classes presenting fascinating applications of their favorite subjects and introducing them to various career paths. Educators who attend can earn professional development units.
Join us for the 2011 Opportunities for the Future Conference on Saturday, June 25.
Our keynote speaker is Jim Delisle who will present "Parenting Precocious Kids." 

Students can attend intriguing sessions such as
  • What the First Year of College is Really Like (grades 9 through 12)
  • Developing Talent & Passion: How to Turn an Idea into a Reality (grades 7 & 8; joint session with parents featuring Jonny Cohen)
  • Physics: Blast Off! (grades 4 through 6)
See more information on their Outreach webpage at

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